When you want to maintain a low profile, that's the time for one of EHS's rugged and reliable Acoustic Tube Surveillance Kits. But acoustic tube pieces aren't just for surveillance anymore. They are used nationwide by police officers and by security personnel at airports, casinos, and construction sites. The are used routinely by those working conventions and concerts or anytime discrete but clear communication is required.


  • Made of high grade surgical tubing
  • Three push-to-talk options standard on many models
  • Gold plated plug or pins for better electrical connection
  • Top quality electronics in palm mic ensure bright, clear sound
  • Covert matte black finish to eliminate as much reflected light as possible
  • In-line PTT provides additional 2.5mm jack for use with optional finger push-to-talk
AT 100, 102, 105, 201, 301
AT 101, 103, 104, 200, 300

Included at No Additional Charge:

  • Clear acoustic tube piece
  • Black acoustic tube piece
  • Patented clear plastic ear frame
  • Patented black plastic ear frame
  • Two open ear inserts
Please see the Compatibility Chart to determine which model you should purchase for your needs and radio model.