Small, lightweight, discreet and extremely comfortable, the Mini Boom Headset is a top pick for those officers who want a communications piece they can leave on all shift long with minimal fuss and bother. A favorite among corrections officers because it gives inmates minimal access to something which could be used as a weapon.


  • Small and discreet; covert matte black finish
  • Soft plastic ear frame stabilizes unit on the ear
  • Air cushion ring encases 11mm earbud for enhanced comfort
  • Enameled, shielded and jacketed wiring reinforced at all stress points
  • No Click In-line PTT; many models provide additional PTT on the accessory connector
  • Tubular reinforcement at point of entry into the accessory connector to prevent shorts
  • Gold plated plug allows for better electrical connection
  • In-line PTT provides additional 2.5mm jack for use with optional finger PTT
MB 100, 102, 105, 201, 301
MB 101, 103, 104, 200, 300A/B

Please see the Compatibility Chart to determine which model you should purchase for your needs and radio model.