Shoulder Mic

Shoulder mics (AKA remote speaker mics or lapel mics) are the most common way police officers and security personnel communicate. This tried and true product is a sturdy, reliable communications device.

The EHS brand shoulder mic features a listen-only audio jack on the mic head itself. This 3.5mm audio jack works with the EHS S1010 and T1010 listen-only headphones.


  • 3.5mm plug on mic head makes shoulder mic compatible with EHS S1010 and T1010 listen-only headphones
  • Modular construction for more cost effective parts repair or replacement; and for more rapid field repair
  • PTT on mic head; many models have 2nd PTT located on accessory connector
  • Heavy duty, fire and water resistant cable
  • Covert, matte black finish
MIC 100, 102, 105, 201, 301
MIC 101, 103, 104, 200, 300A/B

We also have replacement mic heads and replacement accessory connector cables.

Please see the Compatibility Chart to determine which model you should purchase for your needs and radio model.